Now that the season is in full swing, I want people to have opportunities in addition to weekly CompuTrainer practices, coached group workouts, and open gym days to get together and train, motivate, push, and inspire their fellow TriBy3 teammates. So, with that goal in mind, I am proud to introduce the 2016 Team TriBy3 Captains. TB3 Captains will use the team Facebook page (contact for more info) to organize regular group training sessions, share their own workouts, and be the best cheerleaders you’ve ever seen.

Brooklyn Captains:

Demetra “The Original” Arapakos-
Demetra has been around since the beginning of Team TriBy3 and has been an integral part of the growth and development of the squad.  But don’t let this proud mom’s tenure with the team make you think she’s soft! You’ll be hard pressed to find an athlete with more fire and competitive drive than Demetra.

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Nicholas “The Visor” Hall-
Nick brings a casual seriousness to sport that often takes itself too seriously. Though I will never share his affinity for visors, there are few people I’d rather have in my corner, fancy clothes and all.

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Jes “The Pep” Pepe-
The Pep says it all. This girl showed up for every Wednesday morning group run last year. Every one. And she showed up with a smile on her face, crushed the workout, cheered for her teammates, and left still smiling.


Manhattan Captains:

John “Mr. Triathlon” Tan-
John’s passion for triathlon is surpassed only to by the quality of his character. It is literally impossible to spend 5 minutes with him and not have a smile on your face. If we could all be a little more like John, the world would be a happier, faster place with prettier bikes.

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Kathryn “Bond” Murtagh-
Don’t be fooled by Kathryn’s adorable British accent and sweet personality. This girl is a 007-esque badass. Who else do you know that delays back surgery so she can race an Ironman?!