Athletes need options. With that in mind, we’re giving you 3 ways to show that You’re Fitter Than You Think®:

Team TriBy3

Want to take your training to the next level, but aren’t ready for individual coaching? Membership to Team TriBy3 allows athletes regular access to our coaches in group practices at the track, on the road, or at the TB3 Development Center.

  • $350 Yearly Fee
  • Race support at TB3 Team Races
  • Discounts from our industry partners
  • Invited to weekly TB3 coached practices for no additional charge


TB3 Development Team

The TB3 Development Team is an invite-only squad for individuals who embody all the values and qualities that we look for in our athletes. They live YFTYT™. They have demanding jobs, family commitments, and other important things going on in your life but still find time to make it to every practice with an unmatched level of enthusiasm and sense of team participation. Athletes on the Development Team receive sponsored coaching services as well as use of the TB3 Development Center and invitations to all Team TB3 events and practices.

  • No Yearly Fee
  • Race support and course tours at TB3 Team Races
  • Elite-level discounts from our industry partners
  • Invited to all TB3 coached practices for no additional charge
  • Free access to Development Team Practices at the TriBy3 Development Center


TB3 Elite Team

TB3 Elite Members are fully outfitted for racing and training, and receive coaching by TriBy3 Owner and Professional Triathlete, Greg Close. Please email us for an elite team application. All athletes are provided with the following at no charge:

  • Xterra Wetsuit
  • Racing and Training Kit from Champion System Cycling Apparel
  • Rudy Project Sterling and Wingspan helmets
  • Access to all Team TriBy3 coached practices
  • Unlimited use of the TriBy3 Development Center