Well it was another beautiful day in Prospect Park as I suited up in the stylish TB3 kit to kick the rust off my bike (and legs) and start the season with the Mother’s Day Duathlon. Training has been consistent, but at very low intensity as per my Drs orders to stabilize blood sugar and cortisol levels (long story…refer to last summer’s blogs re: my kidneys). I took a warm up loop of the park on my bike to ensure all was running smoothly then met up with Erik and theTB3 Team to do a series of dynamic warm up moves called “The Beyonces” which was performed in perfect synchronized timing to the tune “All the single ladies” sung by Anna and myself. After the warm up we gathered at the starting line for a few High 5’s and encouraging words from Erik.
Run 1:  The course was changed from previous years which now required 1 full loop of the park for a 3.4 mile leg. It’s taken me a decade of racing to learn patience, but I knew my run speed was not there yet to go out hard….and I also knew that if I did I would gas myself and quickly come unglued.  So my plan was to run just hard enough to keep everyone (except Erik) within sight and go chase them down on the bike.  I entered T1 in about 6th place, but could see everyone ahead of me.
Bike: Being smart on the run paid off as it left me with plenty of gas on the bike. I warmed up till the top of the first climb and began to go. By the end of the 1st loop I had picked off 2 people and was sitting in 4th place. I could see #3 just up the road and knew I was making up time quickly. I passed him midway through the 2nd lap and knew I would see the 2nd place guy soon enough.  Late in the 3rd lap I caught him and passed.  From there I just pushed to try to open a gap as clearly all of these guys out ran me the first leg.. they were definitely going to be coming for me on the second run.
Run 2: This race was literally the 3rd “brick” that I have done since last July, so the legs were admittedly a bit wobbly getting off the bike, but I just began trotting and said “don’t look back”. A few years ago on the way to the NJ Bassman, my wife was playing “lovely day” by Bill Withers and said “when you are hurting mid-race, but start singing this!”  Sure enough I won that race and since then “lovely day” has been my racing theme song.  You can bet I was singing it when I hit the north hill in the park on this loop! I grit my teeth to the top and cruised the West side downhill to the finish.  My run splits aside I was pretty pumped to land in 2nd place and represent TB3 as I haven’t been able to do so for the last year!
This coming weekend I have my hometown sprint Race in Lebanon PA and hoping for another podium.  I have a good feeling Mr. Withers will be joining me!