I definitely recommend doing this race.  The travel is easy with direct flights from NY to Monterrey with the race location and hotels being 15 minutes away from the airport.  Monterrey is relatively inexpensive and has plenty of convenience stores that sell the types of pre race food that many Americans are used to ie bagels, peanut butter, ensure (my favorite), cereal etc.  The swim is in a man made river that is only 5 feet deep so it’s a little weird to see people stopping and standing up to adjust their goggles, but it didn’t really bother me.  The bike course is mostly along the main highway and it’s pretty flat and fast.  However, there is about a 1km stretch in the town that’s made up of cobblestones which become very slippery in the rain.  I saw several people crash during this part of the race so I took it very easy.  The run is through the main park in the city with excellent crowd support along the way. The only problem with the run was the scarcity of bathrooms, which normally isn’t a problem for me, but this time it was a really big issue. Obviously, most of the people speak spanish but there are enough people around who speak english and are very willing to help and answer your questions.

In terms of my performance I’m pleased.  Due to work being crazy the last few months, training has been tough and I wasn’t sure until theFriday before the race that I would even be able to make it there.  My family and I landed in Monterrey Saturday at noon and we had two hours to get our luggage get to the hotel, drop off the luggage and then make it to packet pick up by 2pm!. We made it just in time but I still had to go back to the hotel assemble my bike and take it to transition.  Of course I couldn’t get the derailler on straight but I managed to use my broken spanish to explain the issue a mechanic at bike drop off and he helped me with it.  The swim was fine and I felt great on the bike, except for the cobblestone parts which were very nerve racking, so I was ready for a great run when all of a sudden my stomach decided it was not going to cooperate today.  As I was telling some of my friends, if I had been in the US I probably would have found some bushes somewhere and given the plants fresh fertilizer but since I was in Mexico I didn’t want to take the chance of getting into trouble so I hobbled my way through the run.

So, if you want another early 70.3 race to do besides IM Puerto Rico check out Monterrey.  Please email or call me with any questions about the race and I will happily talk to you about it.