TRIBY3 RUN coaching

Running technique is often overlooked in multisport training or considered a “natural” movement in which technical proficiency is a genetic gift.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The Pose Method of Running aligns with YFTYT™ in teaching athletes that anyone can become a runner regardless of athletic ability or familial history. The only method of running scientifically proven to reduce joint impact by 50%, Pose will teach you how to run fast, efficiently, and injury free. TB3 Coach Greg Close is a certified Pose instructor and offers both group and private lessons to the New York area at the TriBy3 Development Center. Interested athletes can contact TriBy3 coaches for scheduling options, or purchase a session below.

  • One-on-One Running Session
  • $125
  • Sessions generally last 75 to 90 minutes and focus on developing and understanding Pose running technique through intense drilling and video analysis.
    People of all ages, abilities, and experience levels are welcome to take a Pose lesson.
  • Private Pose Session Bundle
  • $325
  • Save $50 by purchasing 3 lessons at once.