With cycling accounting for such a huge portion of your overall time in multisport events, it’s essential that you maximize your efficiency in the saddle.  Put YFTYT™ into practice and join TB3 coaches for a private or group ride to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time on the bike.  Whether you need an indoor session on the trainer, E-Motion Rollers, or Computrainer, or you want to take to the streets for an outdoor ride, take a spin with Greg and find out what you’ve been missing. Contact TriBy3 coaches for more information on scheduling and purchasing options.


  • $100
  • A private cycling session is one on one training with your coach in whatever atmosphere you choose.  Lessons can be indoors on trainers or rollers, at the gym on a power bike or Computrainer, or outdoors on the roads. Session times are flexible with each individual lesson typically lasting 60-90 minutes.

    Discounted rates are available for multiple hour sessions.

  • 5 Cycling Sessions Bundle
  • $450


    Save $50 by purchasing 5 cycling sessions up front.



  • Group Cycling Session
  • $100/per person
  • Do you have a group interested in riding together and being actively coached? We’re happy to set up a lesson for your friends, coworkers, or team on the Computrainers or on the road.

    Discounted rates are available for multiple hour sessions.