Functional Aerobic Speed Training is an innovative concept in multisport coaching. FAST sessions are developed to make you a stronger endurance athlete by increasing your aerobic speed. While generally equated with slow base work, we believe that your aerobic system can benefit from carefully integrated speedwork on the bike, on the run, or in the pool. Sessions are made with your events in mind; they work for you and your training. TB3 coaches will lead each and every training session armed with the latest in physiological knowledge.   At TriBy3, we believe in the act of doing, that’s what YFTYT™ is all about. With that in mind we developed a group training program that ensures athletes are getting the specific training that they need to get fitter and be faster.  Don’t just be fast. DO FAST.

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  • Lactate Testing
  • $150
  • Lactate threshold can change dramatically throughout the year. As the season advances, so does your ability to tolerate the byproducts produced by your body during exercise. For an athlete looking to improve performance, this is the most important physiological test you can take.

  • Functional Threshold Power Testing
  • $150
  • Understanding your FTP is crucial to training and racing whether you’re using a powermeter everyday, or just a few times a week at one of our FAST Sessions. Frequent testing ensures that your cycling training is working, and that you’re getting faster than the competition. FTP tests are private sessions, and take place at the TB3 Development Center.

  • FTP Test Analysis
  • $75
  • Knowing your power numbers is crucial to making the most out of your training. TB3 coaches will setup a 30 minute phone consultation to review the data gathered at an in-class FTP Test and will develop heart-rate and wattage training zones. You’ll be armed with the numbers you need when you’re training away from the Development Center.