TB3-EE Team Member Andrew ROCKS Oceanside 70.3

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from doing triathlon training under Greg Close is – consistency of training.  It’s had a major impact on my results over the past few years.  With that in mind, I kept training through the winter months and was finally looking forward to racing Oceanside again.  The last time I raced there was Before Greg Close (BGC).  My race effort at that time left me with a 6hr 19min finish.  I thought I’d do better this time.  As with any race these days – I try and focus on one goal per race.  My goal for Oceanside 70.3 was to do a PR on the run.  That would mean a successful race for me.

My AG (45-49) was split into two waves, and I went off in Wave 4, 10 mins after the pro start.  I’ve been trying to improve my swim for years and have only seen incremental speed improvements.  My fitness certainly has improved and my ability to bike well after a hard swim has also improved.  But my swim times have not.  I really enjoyed the Oceanside swim.  At no time during the swim did I feel fatigued.  I gave the turn buoys a wide berth and avoided the crowds as best I could.  I came out of the water in 35 mins.  Slower than I wanted, but then again – my swim is always slower than I would like.

The Oceanside bike course is part beautiful and part brutal.  From my previous race there, I remembered one of the more difficult hills had me gasping for air and caused a lot of other athletes to simply get off their bikes and walk up the […]

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    Abby Goldstein: Rev3 South Carolina National Aquabike Champs!

Abby Goldstein: Rev3 South Carolina National Aquabike Champs!

The Calm before the storm

What a weekend!  Some people refer to the days leading up to a big race as the “calm before the storm” and enjoy tapering workouts, spending time relaxing, checking over equipment, and going over race strategy.  From the moment I stepped into the airport in Philadelphia, however, the winds of my storm began to pick up.

I normally wouldn’t say anything about “pre-race jitters;” however, the series of events leading up to Sunday morning are definitely worth mentioning.  After paying an extra $200 baggage fee in Philly for the bike, I was led into a back hallway and down a staircase where I was told to wait with a group of people to board a bus that would take us to our terminal (the regular one was under renovation).  The flight itself was relatively unremarkable, and after landing in Greenville, SC, I made my way over to the baggage claim where I was hoping my bike would be waiting for me…  I grabbed my duffel quickly, but waited with anticipation for the Thule box to come rolling in.  Once the luggage carousel stopped, my heart started pounding in my chest.  Where was my bike?

As I turned to walk to the USAir counter, I saw a guy wheeling the box over to the baggage claim and breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I grabbed my bags and headed over to where my parents would be landing…I mean…SHOULD have been landing.  I found out that my parents’ flight from Ft. Lauderdale had to turn around due to some technical issues on the plane, so they were just becoming airborne (again) as I landed.  Finally, over an hour later, my parents greeted me in […]

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    Race Report: Demetra Runs her way to success at Ironman 70.3 World Championships!

Race Report: Demetra Runs her way to success at Ironman 70.3 World Championships!

Vegas!  When the season first started, I had no expectations of racing the 70.3 world championships.  But a surprise second AG finish at Syracuse in June earned me a qualifying slot, and so I got on a plane with my husband Kalim last Thursday to toe the line at the biggest race of my triathlon career.

There was a totally different vibe at this race than what I was used to.  First of all, I have never seen so many incredibly fit people together in one place (except, of course, at a TB3 team practice).  And everyone was so serious!  I tried to tune out the talk around me about trips to Kona, prior 70.3 championship races, and fast times, but it was a little intimidating. I alternated between thinking how amazing it was to be there with thinking what the hell was I doing there.  I definitely felt out of my league.  But what an honour to be racing, just two years after my first tri.

The Friday and Saturday before the race were spent on the usual activities of bib pick-up, attending the expo, some final swims/rides/runs, dropping off my run gear bag and racking my bike.  With two different transitions about 15 miles apart, there was some back and forth, but not too bad overall.  I even had time to relax at the Westin resort, which was rather nice.  Friday’s welcome dinner featured Vegas-style entertainment and a video of last year’s race starring TB3 coach Erik Reitinger with a close-up and lingering shot of him in the water before the swim.  That made me smile. On Saturday morning, I engaged in my favourite pre-race activity of all – a huge breakfast!  I think […]

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Ironman Sweden Race Report

Sweden Race Report

With Ironman Kalmar (Sweden) in the rearview mirror and some exciting stuff still on tap for 2013, here’s a quick recap of my best Iron distance race to date.

I arrived in Kalmar the Tuesday before the race (Saturday) and settled in to a great hotel in the heart of the old city.  Everything was super convenient- 2 blocks from swim start, 3 blocks from the expo, and the finish line was literally around the corner.  This was particularly nice as I was solo until the family arrived on Friday.  Got a few swims in, tested out the running legs a bit, got very lost multiple times on the bike, did a bike course tour, and before I knew it, the race was on me.

A special thanks goes out to John Reitinger whose amazing homemade beef jerky represented 98% of my pre-race sustenance.  Not saying the food in Sweden wasn’t good, it’s just that John’s beef jerky was freaking amazing.

Night Before:
Robin arrived in the afternoon and her parents rolled in to town around dinner so we went out for a calm night in the old city area.  This is a trio of expert spectators so we chatted about strategy, spectating spots, goals, special needs handoffs (you can have family give you SN at this race), and how excited I was to be racing.  It’s been a markedly different season this year than I’ve had in the past and I’ve gone in to every event genuinely excited and almost nerve-free.  Considering that, in the past, a successful pre-race morning included not vomiting, this is a welcomed change.


Goals going in to the race- break 9 hours, break 3 hours on the marathon, get within 8% […]

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