Why The ‘e’?

Power is the rate at which energy is generated. At TriBy3, we try to align everything that we do in multisport to use power most efficiently. We make our bicycle fits more aerodynamic and comfortable; we use video to analyze our swimming stroke; we teach the Pose Method of Running to maximize our efficiency on the ground.
We don’t waste anything.

That brings us to the ‘e’ on our uniforms, our casual clothing, and our branding. The letter ‘e’ could easily represent ‘efficiency’, but when placed into a multisport context it can represent a lot of other ideas or feelings as well:


In this case though, the letter ‘e’ on our chest is the logo of a company that’s committed–like TriBy3– to using power in the most efficient way possible while maintaining extremely high moral and ethical values. That ‘e’ stands for ‘Equal Earth’, a company that’s trailblazing a comprehensive new model of using solar power to create energy for our homes and businesses. Equal Earth is setting out to:

Create a sustainable world
Produce clean energy without harming the environment
Make solar power cost effective and efficient for consumers

As coaches, as athletes, and as a business, we share similar goals. Our training is tailored to each athlete to make use of their athletic talents, but also to create a lifestyle that allows them to continue their training for a number of competitive seasons. We advocate nutrition plans that are sustainable, a training plan that allows for balance within the rest of an athlete’s life, and plan constantly for long-term goals.
All of this is only possible with clean air, clean water, and clean roads. Our mutual appreciation for sustainability, efficiency, and our environment is embodied in this partnership between TriBy3 […]

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    David Hollely: “The season that never was, and the one that will be!”

David Hollely: “The season that never was, and the one that will be!”

So it’s been one crazy of a summer to say the least.. (minus John Cusack and Bobcat Goldthwaith).

In May my wife Kim and I had a baby boy, Miles, which has been the most amazing journey, but the rest of this summer would have been a living hell had Miles and my super-human wife not been there!

I was so excited to join the TriBy3 team this year and see what I could do under the expert guidance of Greg and Erik. I started with a solid performance at the Philly Olympic tri going 2:05 only 5 weeks after our son was born and on very little sleep! Not too bad…

I was hoping to top that performance and be a factor at the NJ state tri and Toughman half iron. Unfortunately these races didn’t happen for me.
As I had written in the previous blog …on July 5th I was admitted to the hospital for what we initially thought was a gallbladder issue. After a few days in the hospital we learned that gallbladder was of no concern, rather it was my kidney function that was now under watch. After weeks of testing, including a kidney biopsy, I was diagnosed with an uncommon kidney disease called Minimal Change Disease or (MCD).

In short MCD changes the way the kidney filters function by allowing protein to leak out rather than filter for the body’s use. In response the kidneys shut down the filters retaining sodium and water. This caused massive swelling in my legs and torso..especially so in my case due to the volume of IV bags I was given during my 4 day stay in the hospital. In the weeks following my discharge I continued to swell topping out just over […]

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    The “Positive in the Face of Adversity Award” Goes to Laura Barbieri

The “Positive in the Face of Adversity Award” Goes to Laura Barbieri

2013 has thrown me a lot of curveballs.  As someone who has managed to stay more or less injury-free over the last 8 years of training and racing, I started out this year rehabbing and resting a nagging, painful hip with a torn labrum, only to have it rear its ugly head again smack in the middle of training for what I had hoped would be a landmark race (IM Lake Placid) for me.  My first love has always been running, but as a result of not being able to run on the hip, I was thrown into a bit of a whirlwind affair with my bike, saw some good results, and for the first time in my life felt like that discipline could keep me physically fit and mentally satisfied in a way that I had once thought only running could.

So, imagine my dismay when my new partner in crime, the trusty, infallible 2006 Quintana Roo threw me from its helm for, remarkably, the first time in our relationship this past Sunday.  The timing was impeccable — I had just officially signed on full-force with TB3 with my first week of workouts pending, finally made enough progress with my hip to start back on some running related activities for the first time in months (I was actually marginally excited even about water running), started a few days prior with a new masters swim group, and my enthusiasm for training, improving and getting back to some good, honest work was running at an all-time high.

This is what was running through my head at the second I hit the pavement. I was just out for an easy, solo spin to get the blood going a […]