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TB3 Coach Lauren Chandler’s Haines City 70.3 RR

Haines City 70.3 Race Recap

Staying at home the night before a race is totally underrated. I got to sleep in my own bed and make my own food, which really helped me stay relaxed. Yes, we had to leave 30 minutes earlier than if we had stayed at a hotel, but totally worth it because I slept great and felt awesome in the morning.


Wetsuit legal at 74 degrees, which for this time of year was very surprising but a happy surprise. Got off to a great start, behind one row of strong swimmers, so I wasn’t climbing all over people at the start. I did catch an elbow pretty hard to the goggle in the first 5 min which shook me a little, but I was able to settle back in. However, the swim never really spread out. The M shaped course stayed very congested, although it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be around the turns. I felt like I was swimming hard and strong, and was able to draft for a bit at the beginning, until we caught up with stragglers from the wave ahead of us.

Somehow I couldn’t shake this girl who was swimming next to me (I nicknamed her Crazy Arms) which was annoying because she would draft off me, then sprint up next to or in front of me and smack me around. My turns went pretty well, and sighting was good since there were a million buoys. Getting out of the water, I felt pretty good, but was a little disappointed that my time was still just under 40 min! Wondering if the course shape had anything to do with it. Got a little stuck in […]

THE 2016 Newsletter!

Hello Fellow Multisport Athletes, Team TriBy3, and those who stumbled here by accident!

Since this post, THE 2016 newsletter, is going to be a novel as it is, I’m going to dive right in. I mentioned a lot of these exciting developments at the TriBy3 Holiday Party, but for those of you that missed the party or were too deep in the beer/tacos/cupcakes to remember what I said, I’ve put everything in bullet point form below. I’ll follow up on individual points over the next few weeks with more detail, and of course, I’m happy to answer any questions!

In 2016, We #Thrive-

The 2015 season brought a lot of adversity. From injuries to cancelled races, race-day mishaps to mechanical failures, missed opportunities to real world disappointments, there were a lot of times along the way that TriBy3 team members could have thrown their hands up and called it quits. But the thing that I find so inspiring about this team, is that not a single person bailed, quit, or gave in. When faced with adversity, you can choose to survive, or you can choose to thrive. This is a team that thrives, a team that faces challenges head on and excels in spite of opposition, a team that is at it’s best when things seem to be the worst. So, while ‘You’re Fitter Than you Think’ will always be the motto of TriBy3 Performance Coaching, in 2016, we #choosetothrive.


New kits

With a new attitude for 2016, I figured it was time to update our kits as well. It was important for me to come up with something that would complement the old design so that parts of the kit could be mixed. I also wanted to enlarge […]