TB3-EE Team Member Andrew ROCKS Oceanside 70.3

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from doing triathlon training under Greg Close is – consistency of training.  It’s had a major impact on my results over the past few years.  With that in mind, I kept training through the winter months and was finally looking forward to racing Oceanside again.  The last time I raced there was Before Greg Close (BGC).  My race effort at that time left me with a 6hr 19min finish.  I thought I’d do better this time.  As with any race these days – I try and focus on one goal per race.  My goal for Oceanside 70.3 was to do a PR on the run.  That would mean a successful race for me.

My AG (45-49) was split into two waves, and I went off in Wave 4, 10 mins after the pro start.  I’ve been trying to improve my swim for years and have only seen incremental speed improvements.  My fitness certainly has improved and my ability to bike well after a hard swim has also improved.  But my swim times have not.  I really enjoyed the Oceanside swim.  At no time during the swim did I feel fatigued.  I gave the turn buoys a wide berth and avoided the crowds as best I could.  I came out of the water in 35 mins.  Slower than I wanted, but then again – my swim is always slower than I would like.

The Oceanside bike course is part beautiful and part brutal.  From my previous race there, I remembered one of the more difficult hills had me gasping for air and caused a lot of other athletes to simply get off their bikes and walk up the […]

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    Lauren Keating Destroys Her PR at the 2015 NYC Half-Marathon!

Lauren Keating Destroys Her PR at the 2015 NYC Half-Marathon!

This was my second half marathon, and still the longest distance I’ve raced. I ran the Newport Half in 2:20 last year, and I set my NYC goal at 2:10, with a reach of sub 2:00 – which is my ultimate goal.

I planned to start out conservatively on the Harlem Hills and then make up time on the flatter parts of the course, but I was feeling strong and saw that I might have a sub 2:00 in sight. I decided to make a push for it.  It was the hardest I’ve ever run for that length of time, and resulted in a 2:07:10 finish.

Post race, my legs have recovered quickly but I have some toe pain – letting me know where to work on my form and strength so that I can get that sub 2:00 in Brooklyn in May.

So many endorphins.