An athlete’s potential cannot be determined or reached by applying a cookie cutter formula to the variables of age, gender, and athletic history. Instead, a valuable coach must focus on analyzing all individual differences- scheduling, family life, occupation, commitment, psychology, physiology, injury history, etc- and integrate this information into the athlete’s training program. Just as your position on the bike will impact your running stride, your family life will impact your training schedule. With our scientific, educated, and highly individualized approach to multisport training, this season is sure to be your best yet. TriBy3’s integrated approach, sponsored by the best in industry partners, can show you that You’re Fitter Than You Think®.



Ventum makes the world’s fastest racing bicycles using technology from fighter jets and Formula One. Everything you need. Nothing extra to slow you down.



ACME is one of roughly 5 studios in the U.S. that couples the cutting edge technologies of a Guru Dynamic Fit Unit (D.F.U.) fitting cycle and a Retul 3D motion capture system. ACME has a full service bicycle workshop, seating and space for lectures and workshops, loads of sunlight and some of the best espresso in the area. While we’re getting you to believe that You’re Fitter Than You Think®, ACME is making you fit better on a bicycle than you ever thought possible!


Momentum Sports Massage is a Sports/Medical Massage Center providing custom tailored Massage Strategies/Treatment based on your individual needs. We’re more than Massage Therapists, we’re part of YOUR TEAM.



UCAN is the next generation of healthy energy powered by SuperStarch – a revolutionary carbohydrate that’s improving the performance of elite athletes, providing everyday athletes with healthy nutrition for workouts, even assisting children with a rare condition. They’re changing the face of sports nutrition and creating a generation of champions who care about winning the healthy way.



Endurance Sports Travel assists more than 1700 athletes and spectators at 28 beautiful locations around the world. When you travel with Endurance Sports Travel you not only get to experience the culture of the area you are visiting but also get to interact with other EST clients from all over the world. Don’t travel to another Ironman event without booking through EST first!