Everyone has goals. You might be running your first 5K, racing in Kona, or returning to an active lifestyle after some time away. At TriBy3, we’re here not just to train, motivate, and coach you. We’re here to show you that you have all the intrinsic tools to achieve your goals. YFTYT™ doesn’t mean that you’re genetically faster, better or more athletic than your competition. It means that you’re capable of more than you think you are; you’re capable of pushing yourself beyond the limits that you’ve set for yourself; you’re capable of learning that you have the fitness not only to achieve your goals, but to surpass them. Join TriBy3 and let us show you that YOU’RE FITTER THAN YOU THINK®.


  • Boutique customization and services
  • Exciting, welcoming and competitive team environment
  • Scientific analysis: lactate analysis, functional threshold power testing
  • Sport and academic education and success
  • Quantitative based, scientifically proven methodology



An athlete’s potential cannot be determined or reached by applying a cookie cutter formula to the variables of age, gender, and athletic history. Instead, a valuable coach must focus on analyzing all individual differences- scheduling, family life, occupation, commitment, psychology, physiology, injury history, etc- and integrate this information into the athlete’s training program. Just as your position on the bike will impact your running stride, your family life will impact your training schedule. With our scientific, educated, and highly individualized approach to multisport training, this season is sure to be your best yet.

We believe strongly in the value of being educated and we take a scientific approach to personalizing a program for every athlete. If you need extra time in the water, added focus on power output or transitioning, more video analysis at the track, we provide it. Furthermore, we have surrounded ourselves with a network of professionals to ensure that all your individual needs are met. Whether it’s a bike fitting, massage, a nutritional consult, a Pilates lesson, or an hour in the gym that you need to help achieve your goals, if we can’t provide it for you we know the people who can.

The individual athlete is our primary concern, and we will go to any length to ensure this shows in our coaching. Whether you are a first-time athlete or an experienced World Champion, we treat you to the same highly individualized approach. Need a retail consultation? An in-home mechanic visit? On-location race support? We offer all of this and more to all of our clients. Here at TriBy3, we are committed to nurturing the multisport athlete in you. Let us help you achieve your goals, surpass your limits, and show you that YOU’RE FITTER THAN YOU THINK™.



The TriBy3 Development Center is designed to provide individual coaching to a small group of athletes. The Development Center houses 8 state-of-the-art Computrainer Units and that are used during multiple sessions each week. Private sessions and testing services are also available. The Center is a fully operational retail space, stocked with the latest TriBy3 casual apparel and racing gear to make you look good when swimming, biking or running your way to the podium. The

TB3 Development Center operates out of ACME Bicycle Co. – a 1,000 square foot studio space located at 597 Degraw Street on the 2nd Floor. The studio features all the latest in bike fit technology including a Guru Dynamic Fit Unit (D.F.U.) fitting cycle and a Retul 3D motion capture system. The TB3 Development Center and ACME Bicycle Co. offer the perfect place to get faster, whether you’re in a class with one of our coaches, or getting one of ACME’s expert bike fits.